May 5, 2008

All in a gray morning's work

Number 1 of the Thunderstorm socks is complete. Ends tucked and woven in. Photo taken. Now let's how it looks when it's on a foot. Celeste? Would you do the honors please?

Okay, here's what I just finished spinning: Johnny Jump-ups above and Wood Elves below.

Both are 100% silk tussah roving.

And, because you know I LOVE looking at my own work, here's another shot of both in the same order...Johnny Jump-ups above and Wood Elves below.

And here's what I've begun spinning this morning...Bundaflicka Tweed in red, from Maggie's Farm:

...modeled by the Thunderstorm sock (Celeste, you're off the hook for now):

There's no sun today, so the photos look a little gray, like it is outside right now, and lack the warmth and brightness that these fibers really have.


Inthemud said...

Lovely socks, love the look of purple wool, so soft!

TattingChic said...

Wow, that is some beautiful wool and the yarn you spun is just exquisite. It is so cool that you do that. Your socks look nice and soft.

Wooly Works said...

So no "clunky toes?" They look really great and the colors you used a great. I wish computer showed colors better. The two skeins look nearly the same to me, but I'm sure they quite different when you see them in person. What will you make with silk?

Just an aside, a new website for us! . Very much under construction, but we posted what we have up anyway. Take a look! Bethy is the administrator, for the most part.

yarnplayer said...

"Thunderstorm" socks is a great name! I bet they keep your feet nice and cosy on a rainy day.
The handspun yarn is beautiful, and must be so soft, being all silk.

Kathleen said...

No clunky toes this time. I took your advice and decreased every row instead of every other row, and it made all the difference! Thanks!

And yes, the silk is VERY soft. I loved spinning it. I need to find some more, this time to spin into singles for a shawl.