May 17, 2008

A little rant

Last week, I caught a cold. The weather has changed from warm and sunny to damp and chilly and I've been kind of running myself ragged lately. So I've been stressed and tired...and I caught a cold. It seems like a natural chain of events for me.

But there are people at work who see me once a day, maybe for less than 5 minutes, and they have diagnosed me and know all the reasons behind my cold, even if they have no idea what's going on with me or my life. I have never asked for their opinions or advice, but they give me these reasons with a knowing nod and a smug look on their faces.

Reason #1: I always eat too many potato chips.
Heh. I have eaten 2 or 3 little .15 centimo bags of potato chips in a little over a year. The bags hold about 10 chips. The unfortunate part is that I ate them at work, so of course I ALWAYS eat too many potato chips.

Reason #2: I always drink cold water.
I drink the bottled water that is available. If it's cold, that's okay. If it's room temperature, that's okay too.

Reason #3: I always drink Pepsi.
I rarely drink sodas. We don't keep them in the house. We don't buy them on a regular basis, however, I do drink a Pepsi at work sometimes. Of course, I always drink cold water, so I don't see how I could possibly fit a Pepsi in edgewise.

Reason #4: I only eat sandwiches. I should, instead, bring an apple from home.
Oh geee-eeeez! I am an active person! I eat cooked meals at home and I DO bring apples, bananas, and mandarin oranges from home, but I also confess to a chicken sandwich at work every so often. This particular reason might originate from the absolute knowledge that North Americans don't cook and of course have never learned how.

Reason #5: I never wear a scarf.
Yes I do. Not only do I wear them, but I make them, too.

I know that each one is very well-meaning, but they have no idea how much they overstep their bounds by ASSUMING they know all about me. And by assuming that I actually want to listen to their assumptions. I need to set some definite boundaries. Then they can enjoy talking behind my back.

Gossip is a favorite pastime at my work. In my opinion, it's one of the most detestable habits that a person can have.


Wooly Works said...

Well, just thank you lucky stars they haven't pulled out the religious reasons for your illness. For heavens sake, you could be hearing about your many sins (described in detail with dramatic effects added in) and how God is punishing you with this illness--now that's fodder for gossip. Oooh, do I sound bitter?

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Kathleen said...

I'm all better now. I've spent the most of the day in bed, snoozing and being kept warm by Celeste on the bed with me. :o) There's nothing like a warm pup taking up the majority of the bed to chase away a cold and sniffles!

dcloud said...

You know, there's a bright side to everything. For instance, where I work no one even gives me the time of day let alone advice or concern over how I look or feel. Now I wouldn't mind a little of what you get, even if it was smug or pretentious. It would be a welcome respite from co-workers simply gathering their things and going to punch out without even a "hello".

I am glad you feel better.

Kathleen said...

No, they haven't played the religion card; I don't imagine they will since I refuse to discuss religion at work...only my self-indulgent food and drink sins.

dcloud, you're situation sounds a little extreme. But sometimes I find myself wishing I could just go to work and come home without encountering all the judgements and BS. Here, it seems to be impossible to be friends with someone without an awful lot of strings and expectations attached.

dcloud said...

I seem to have a curse, lol. I don't know how else to explain it. I try to be friendly, but it doesn't work. Oh well, no skin off my back. I have found it's much easier to be by myself anyway, because trying to interact with other human beings is too much of a hassle.