Jun 3, 2008

Princess status removed

Poor Celeste. Yesterday, she decided to see how far I could be pushed. She hasn't pushed for a long time...maybe 5 months. Anyway, she started by deciding to make a mess in her bed, which I let her deal with for a while after she made her decision. Five forty-five a.m. is too early for me to have the stomach for cleaning up dog poop. In the afternoon, without warning of any kind, she decided to gift with a similar work of art in the living room. She found out what MY decision was very quickly, and after being given a very close examination of her masterpiece and an equally vigorous spanking, she spent some thinking time in her crate while I cleaned up her aromatic artwork.

Today, she's feeling sad, repentent, and punished because the living room rug has been rolled up and there's only a hardwood floor to snooze on (she only just missed the rug while on her...er, shooting spree). Neither have there been any invitations to nap on The Bed (that would be my bed). Nor has she been trusted to spend any time roaming at will through the apartment or sleeping where she pleases. The trust has been broken for now, priviledges suspended, and Princess of the House status removed. We are back to the basic owner-dog relationship till she earns them back, which means she's got to be on her best behavior for the time being, and promise never never never again to make such a decision again, without first consulting me.

The cardinal sin in this home is pooping inside. Celeste commited this sin twice in the same day and now she's doing her penance. There are limits to how far even the Princess of the House can push.


La Gringa said...

I love the way you write about your dog. It's really clever and makes me laugh.

I have a whole pack of bad boys and two females in heat. You can probably imagine what I'm going through. We switch back and forth between the female being locked in the pen and the males outside. I can't deal with it!

I did have one thought, though. If your princess is normally a good girl, is there any chance that she has a medical problem? The pooping in her bed seems really strange, kind of like a signal to you. I had that issue with a cat (long ago before I became a dog-person) and it turned out that she had a kidney infection.

Well, I hope there is no medical problem and that she was just being a naughty girl, and just for a day. ;-)

Kathleen said...

The princess is back to normal. I think her main problem was that she stole a plateful of chili with beans and ate the whole thing. She has a sensitive stomach and almost anything other than her regular dogfood will cause her problems. But, she gets bored with her food and does what she can to steal almost anything different.

So now we just have trust issues. She got to nap on The Bed this evening, but the carpet is still rolled up and in a corner of the living room.