Jun 14, 2008

Handspun sock yarn

Last week I finished spinning a skein of sock yarn. The details:
Fiber: Blue-faced Leicester roving from Maggie's farm
Colorway: Purple Tweed
Yardage: 110

Soft and lustrous! Only one skein so far, but there's more roving, so I should get at least one more skein's worth of yarn from it.


wildtomato said...

Pretty! You are motivating me to ply my sock yarn.

Maggie's Farm said...

Wow! You do such a good job with my fiber! I sent some of this out to be machine spun - big mistake. It looks so much prettier the way you spin it!

Kathleen said...

This is the same fiber that I made the mittens from, and after washing it, ooo la la! it turned out so soft and warm! Lovely wool!