Jun 27, 2008

Almost finished

I'm coming to the end of the training seminar and work starts tomorrow. Today we're supposed to find out if we are hired (for 1 month) and where we are to go. There are 5 branches of this institute and I have my fingers crossed that they don't send me either way north or way south of where I am now. After our 1 month contract, then we could be contracted for 2 months, after that, then 3 months, and finally a one year contract. If and when we complete the 1 year contract, then we are considered to be permanent employees of the institute. Whuuuuf...it's been a rigorous month and I imagine the next few months will be just as rigorous.

Now I'm encountering a few problems with CIVIME...I put on my resume that I'm working there, and what I've been teaching. ICPNA asked for a verification of that, and now CIVIME is dragging its feet about it. I'm not sure what the reason for that is. O says that many times an ex-employee will use that to try to extract some kind of benefits from the past employer, even though there were none offered. Hmmm. I just want a verification that I worked there, not a weapon to use against them. This is something I've never encountered before. However, I have my pay records, so I could use that to prove that I was at least paid for something there at CIVIME, although I have no proof of what I received the money for. Why do things have to be so complicated here?

Anyway, with things as complicated and irritating as they are, today is one of those days when I feel like chukking the whole works and going back to bed. I've been tired and stressed out all month and the last thing I want to deal with is an uncooperative employer.

This morning I received an e-mail from someone I thought was a friend, who told me that I've turned completely unfriendly to her. That caught me off-guard. Just last evening, we were having a very nice conversation and I thought we were on good terms. She's borrowed several books from me and currently has The Shell Seekers. She borrowed a book on cd from me yesterday and just returned a different one to me this week. I wonder if she doesn't want to return the books, and so is attempting to sever the relationship before she has to give the books back. Another hmmm for me. I'd probably just give her the books if she asked me to. There's no reason for e-mail hostilities.

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