Nov 8, 2008

Not completely photo-less

Well, the camera came and went again, before I managed to get photos off the memory card. The card is here, sitting on the desk, but the camera has been loaned out once again. Methinks it's time to start camera shopping. Luckily, I have a few previously unpublished photos that I can trot out now.

Here's a little shot of Celeste, getting ready for school:

And a couple of shots from the park near my apartment building:

And an improvement, to keep the pigeons and rain out of our second floor hallway - a window, inspected and approved by our building engineer, Ms. Celeste:

No more pidgeons getting the first bite out of someone's breakfast bread!


wildtomato said...

Wow, Celeste is an engineer! Mingus is in love.

Margaret Cloud said...

Very nice photos, good for you Celeste go get them.