Nov 16, 2008


Hi! I'm so glad you came through the market. Most of it is closed today, but there's a lot of fruit for sale there, under the umbrella. Have you had lunch? This is the same market where Pondside and I had lunch when she visited.

This afternoon for lunch, O and I are eating at El Rinconcito Ferrañafano. They specialize in typical foods from northern Peru, like you might find around Chiclayo and Ferrañafe and some live music, loudly and enthusiatically played, even though it's out of tune most of the time.

Come on inside the restaurant and have a seat:

Ahh, lunch is served:
I had the Pepián de Pato (Duck with pumpkin seed sauce) and rice. The usual bowl of ají is there with the red and green Limeño chili peppers.

O had Cau Cau...I can't handle this. Although the flavor is good, the cow's stomach fights with my stomach and the cow's gut is just a little bit stronger than mine. We part ways quickly, so I passed on this dish, even though it comes with a wonderful plate of rice and beans...if you have a stronger stomach than I do, I recommend this dish. But, if not, go for the pepiá's much easier on the stomach, even though the duck is a tough old bird.
The Rinconcito Trio:


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hmm, I'd pass on both!

aighmeigh said...

Something I really appreciate about Latin American food of all varieties is the sauce making. Your meal looks delicious... and I haven't yet talked myself into tasting those cow bits of which you speak, although I did have some cow's foot soup which was rather tasty even if the texture was a bit odd for me. I am excited to branch out on the culinary front soon. The only place for me to branch out up here is at the sushi bar... I tried sea urchin last week--not bad! :)

Rani said...

What a fun post! I was a bit behind on your post so I had a nice cup of coffee and caught up. Now I'm hungry after reading your latest. What an adventure your living!

Also, what is that canal/water picture of behind the trio? Looks intriguing.

Robster anyone?

wildtomato said...

The food looks delicious! I'm a sucker for duck, so I'd be eating the same thing as you.

Margaret Cloud said...

The market look very nice as do the restaurant, I think the food looks okay, I am a steak and mashed potato kind of person. Thanks for sharing.