Nov 8, 2008

A follow-up

Following up on the bullfighting post:

My curiousity led me a little farther down the bullfighting path, to, where I did a search for bullfighting videos. Graphic to say the least. Since the billboard across the street names the featured matadores, I looked for Simpson, El Fandi, and Manzanares. Found them all. I think they are from Spain and that Peru is simply on their circuit when the bullfighting season opens up, similar to a rodeo circuit. After watching a youtube video of the ending of the bullfight, I know I would not be interested in attending. No links to the videos I watched are included here, because they turned my stomach. No need to share that. If you are interested, you can do the search on and find all manner of bullfighting scenes.

I think I'll go back to Ferdinand.


marcia-x said...

I went to a bullfight in Sevilla during their Feria de Primavera (30 years ago). I was travelling with a friend from Costa Rica and he was quite excited. Apparently we saw big names perform.

In addition to being brutal, it was incredibly dull (like American football). I believe you would have to attend many, or have cultural ties, to enjoy the spectacle and pageantry. But I am certainly not recommending repeated attendance, that's for sure.

Margaret Cloud said...

No thank you I will pass on finding any info on bullfighting, if it turns your tummy it would also do the same for me.