Sep 6, 2007


Zayne is the farm darling. She's a gregarious and social type who is always the first to the fence and first to see what's going on. Just like her daddy, Black Knight, we can always count on her to greet visitors with enthusiasm.

Zayne's fleece is a lovely bay black with bold crimp, softness, and wonderful handle. We believe her fleece will prove to be very fine--a histogram will tell for sure--and she is quite dense for such a fine dark fleece. Conformationally, Zayne's proportions are excellent, her legs are straight and her bite is perfect. She has a stylish head and carries herself with the trademark Black Knight presence and natural balance.

Since she's been shorn, Zayne looks more true black to us than bay black. What a pretty girl!

Awards Received
GWAS 2007, 2nd place, bay black juvenile females

Price: $13000 UDS


DrowseyMonkey said...

They are so beautiful!


shorn she looks quite sureal!!!