Sep 5, 2007

taking inventory

I'm in the process of getting my stuff together to go to the craft show in Windsor, Colorado in November. So far this year, I have managed to put together a granny square sweater, 2 crocheted skirts, a beige alpaca shawl, a knitted ruana, two vests, a sweater of both knitted parts and crocheted parts, the garnet sweater, a dusty rose bolero, a felted gray alpaca blend shawl, a light fawn alpaca capelet, a beaded gray capelet, a beige capelet with lady bug buttons, a dark brown capelet, a very long brown alpaca blend sweater coat, a pair of mittens, 2 ponchos, and the brown felted a big-brimmed felted hat (RED!) at home - I hope that one didn't get lost this summer.

I had a lot of fun with capelets this year, can you tell? The thing about all the things I make is that I love them, and if we can't sell them, it's okay, because I'll just wear them! My hats almost always seem to sell well in the winter, they're thick felted alpaca - warm and weatherproof, nearly indestructible, and easy to care for. I only have 2 so far. Last year, I made 6 and sold all of them, so I think I need to get on the stick and made a few more. I know that ponchos are not that popular in the US, they are a trend that burned brightly for a while, but now has pretty much burnt out its bulb, but they are a staple of every Peruvian woman's wardrobe, and I am so used to wearing them and seeing them on people all around me that I cannot imagine not having at least a couple to offer. Ponchos, shawls, and capelets are all very much used here in Lima. Luckily I love them, and if they don't like them in Windsor, I can either keep them or sell them here.

I have some nice alpaca blend yarn on pretty colors, but I don't know if it felts. think it might be time to find out. It might make some nice felted hats. If not, I have some 100% alpaca fiber that I brought from home in January that has been languishing on my shelves. I'll be making at least 2 hats from that. I'll have to go looking for a hat form. Mine is at home in the US (the inside section of a tamale cooker), so I'll go scouting at the market today, I think, for a tall, fairly narrow pot, a little larger than the circumference of my head.

I have in progress about 4 projects - a dark purple crocheted skirt, a black beaded shawl, a brown circular sweater, and the spring colors sweater. I have only about 2 months to get everything finished, so I need to get on the stick about it! And thanks to Maggie I learned to make chullo hats, and I hope to have a couple of those from my own yarn to sell, too.

So, looking at my inventory, I think that, all in all, I should have a pretty good variety to offer. If they don't care to buy my stuff, they might like it up in Maggie's neck of the woods. I'll have to ask her about that.


WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Love your work. Love Celeste, love your blog . . .


PS a friend of mine is getting two Siberian Mastiffs - slightly tenuous link - but as Celeste is a Siberian type of dog I wondered if you had ever heard of them, or knew anything about them.

toady said...

You are so industrious, hope the craft fair goes well. Your camping trip sounds great fun.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Celeste is adorable - has the most beautiful face!

I can't say how much I admire your talent. I so wish I was more creative.

Crystal xx

Greenlee's Forest said...

Kathleen ~ I love ponchos too. I had one when I was a little girl. I used to love to play with the fringe on the edges. It was one of those brightly colored ones from the seventies. Actually, I think there is a picture of me wearing it on my first day of Kindergarten in 1970. I'm old! LOL

JC said...

I love this picture of Celeste, she is so very pretty. I think all dogs are, but some are so much more striking, like your Celeste is. I have been to busy caring for my 3 to even get on my computer. At least they are all doing somewhat better. Traz is going in for a lime/sulfur dip next week, to help with the itching. The vet has decided they all have an external parisite of some sort, although she cant see it, we are treating them as such. Avery got weighed at his appt, 73.50 pounds! I cant believe that hes already that big at 8 months old. How they grow. I hope this finds you well Kathleen. Jill

wildtomato said...

Oh, Celeste, you have the most soulful eyes! I love how she models the shawls and bags.

Good luck at the craft fair. Your work is beautiful! You should have no trouble selling all your goods.

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Celeste looks awesome in your creations. Good luck at the craft show!