Sep 22, 2007

Odyssey's Able

Able is a young male who hasn't reached his stride yet. He's still in the growth mode and has a lot of filling out to do. His fleece is one of the softest and finest on our farm and he carries a lot of it. His conformation is excellent, with a stylish head and good proportions, although he still looks a little like a teenager. We expect him to fill out and become a viable jr. herdsire this year.

Here is an excellent opportunity to acquire an outstanding fiber animal or start your herd for a very small investment. Nearly all of our young males are related to our females, so they have to go. Other fine young alpaca machos are also available at reduced prices. The animals are located in the Rocky Mountain area of the United States.

Price: $500

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ChrisH said...

Ooh, they're very cute, aren't they?