Sep 21, 2007

Back to life

Whew! My computer went on the blink and then O had a couple of days worth of work to do on a presentation for work, so I gave up my spot on the computer desk, and I was isolated from the world. But in the meantime, I finished a couple of projects and started a new one. One of the things that my puter wouldn't do was to upload the photos that I took of the purple crocheted skirt. It's pretty late and I'm just home from work, so I'll see if I can post those photos and a few more.

We've been waiting for the sun to come out for about 4 months now, and maybe this month we'll see it. I hope.

Today on the bike path, Celeste spotted a leaf dancing on the breeze. It was suspended from a tree limb by a spider's invisible thread. Well, it was invisible until I got closer. Then I realized it must have been one honkin big spider. The leaf itself was quite large and still had a piece of the stem attached. Although it was dry and probably quite light, the wind was strong and the leaf whips around and swung wildly at times. It was irresistible to Celeste...she spent 10 minutes leaping up and down, barking at the swinging leaf, while the people on the street and passing by on the path watched her like she was some kind of crazy pooch - "Lobita Loca" is what they called her. Apparently fun for her; quite entertaining for the rest of the world to watch. Almost as entertaining as the time she passed a hair that she'd eaten - well, she couldn't QUITE pass it. The hair hung on and just would NOT leave her alone, in spite of the whirling dance she did, spinning in both directions and tumbling into the shallow irrigation channel cut into the median alongside the bike path. The city landscapers and gardeners were doubled over watching little Celeste trying to dance away from a single stubborn strand of hair that refused to leave her for a few mad moments.

Okay, so now that I'm back on line, I'm headed out to see what I've missed over the past week.


Casdok said...

What a lovely picture comes to mind.
Thank you for making me smile.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Oh been three too with the hair that wouldn't pass . . plus a little piece of poo (sorry probably too much information) attatched to it . . .my poor Jack Russel wouldn't let me get near him . . .very funny.

Hope you don't meet the spider that the made the web. I guess you get big poisonous ones where you live.

Cait O'Connor said...

I can't wait to see the purple skirt, if it's anything like your other stuff it will be fantastic. Very purplecoo!
Celeste... what a beautiful name.
I just loved the story of the dancing leaf and the clinging hair. Wonder if she will grow up to be a dancer?

Green Fingers said...

Hello! You left a comment on my blog about an order but I have no way to contact you. If you could either leave your e-mail address in my comments or drop me a line at, we can discuss.

Your knitting is lovely, and your animals are all beautiful--what a delight they must be.

Michelle (Green Fingers)

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I would love to meet Celeste. And you of course. I think my dogs would get on with her so well.

Good to see you back online!

Crystal xx