Jul 12, 2009

Tour d' Fleece, spindling and some excuses

You may have noticed that my posts have been woefully devoid of photos this winter (summer for you up there in the northern hemisphere). Yup. I've been neglecting the camera in favor of spindling. I'm participating in the Tour d' Fleece, spinning my little fingers down to the nubs, but so far I'm just managing to complete the plying on one skein of Cabaret fiber. Wah. My 6-days-a-week job gets in the way of spinning, and what a danged inconvenience it is. I think I'm in a fail situation. I may have to concede that I have set my goals too high. I hope not. I still have another 10 days to go, so it's possible that I could still pull this off.

Even if I don't reach my goals, I'll still come away with some nice yarns, and a bit of space cleared on the shelf for more fiber stash. I'll be able to do some vacation knitting and spinning in September, when I go home to the farm for a month. Hopefully, the pair of laceweight spindles that I ordered will be waiting for me, but I'll take one with me, just in case.

What? What's that you say?? Why, YES! I've bought my plane tickets for vacation! Yeay! O is a little bummed out, because he STILL has not applied for his visa, so he gets to stay home again this year and play with Celeste and do his own laundry. Tut tut. It's his own fault. The Embassy will not give you a visa if you do not ask for one. I tut when I think about it.

And, honestly, I must confess that my camera batteries are dead again. Grrr. Must rectify that when I get groceries sometime this week.

I hope that Peru is about done mourning Michael Jackson. I'm totally over seeing the funeral and the 1980's music videos played over and over every day. You do know that there were only two music videos that Michael Jackson made, don't you? They were Thriller and Billie Jean. At least that's the way it seems here. Nothing else is shown on TV, and on the radio? The Man in the Mirror. Over and over and over. The world was fascinated with Michael Jackson, but I'm ready to let him rest in peace. How about some Nickelback or Everlast, just for a change of pace?


Anonymous said...

Ya, anything for a change of pace. Where is home? Do you work in Peru? Answer only if you are okay with it. Maybe I need to read some of your older blogs to get to know you better. Your yarn is undoubtedly beautiful. There is nothing as luxurious feeling as yarn. Blessings

Jude said...

Hooray, thank you my yarn has arrived!!It's gorgeous and I'll post a photo soon.
Yes, I agree, regarding MJ. I love Nickelback!
Regarding the yarn, what ply, thickness would you say it was? I fancy making a gorgeous soft lacy scarf/wrap with it but don't know what needle size/ pattern to head for. Once again, thank you.. it's fantastic to have some truly lovely yarn to use.

Pondside said...

Well I did wonder at the paucity of photos!
Good to hear that you'll have some time at home soon. There really isn't anywhere quite like home, where you're not "on" day in and day out, but just blend into the crowd.

knittingdragonflies said...

Am looking forward to hearing about your vacation and see some spinning. Lace weight spindles, oooo sounds nice. You spinning is so nice anyway.
Yes I am sick of hearing about MJ.
Take care, looking forward to photos soon.

Iron Needles said...

Yea! for vacations in the states. And for a whole month. And it sounds like you will be with family? Is there anything better? I think not!

Karen B. said...

Congrats on your upcoming vacation-and ditto on the MJ coverage.

Rani said...

Well hello! I am so sorry! I seemed to have missed several updates! First of all - happy belated cow-lung birthday. (yuck) but it looks good...

And also - Whoo hoooooooo! Vacaaation. You may be hearing MJ songs here, too. sorry.

Get those batteries charged, woman! We need to see some of your fibery goodness.