Jul 6, 2009

Complicated lives

While the US and the rest of the world is mourning the passing of Michael Jackson, Peru is feeling the pain of losing one of their own musical stars, Alicia Delgado. Alicia died last week, murdered at the hands of (supposedly) her chauffeur. It's a complicated tale, which gets more and more complex and twisted as the police dig further into her life.

From what I can gather, Alicia was known as the "Princesa de Folclor" (Princess of Folklore) and was a very popular singer of huayno (Peru's brand of country music.) The story is that she was married and later divorced from her husband, then hooked up with another female huayno singer, Abencia Meza, who later became Alicia's closet lover. After a time of performing together, they decided to come out of the closet. This was complicated by the fact that Alicia also had a male lover, a fact which really torqued Abencia's jaw.

Sooo...last week, Alicia was found, killed by a bullet to the brain. Several people have been arrested, and as the investigation continues, more and more people appear to be implicated, right down to Alicia's own mother, who made it known that if anything were to happen to Alicia, her mother would be able to sell Alicia's apartment for quite a pretty penny. Alicia's chauffeur claims that Abencia paid him to kill Alicia, so it's not his fault and he isn't guilty. Hmmm. That's as far as the things went last night. Maybe the news tonight will reveal still more twists in this confusing story.

Celeste is so confused by this sordid tale that she felt the need to leave a trail of dog food pieces from her bowl to the living room...you know, just in case she can't find her way to bed tonight. Hopefully there are no crows to come behind her and eat her crumbs. She might end up missing her bed and wind up in the witch's cottage deep in the forest, with Hansel and Gretel!

Okay, now I'm the one who's confused. Anyway, here's a Youtube flick of Alicia, and one of Abencia. Don't you just love a good "Whodunit"?


Anonymous said...

Dear friend, I am so sorry to hear the tale of the murdered singer. My experience of dreams, as a psych nurse, is dreaming of rooms and doors comes an unconscious feeling of confusion. That is understandable at this time. Be patient it will pass. Blessings

Pondside said...

Good heavens!......that's a complicated love triangle! It makes me go 'hmmmmmmmm' too!

Jude said...

Gosh, keep us up to date with all the gossip. I'd love to know who did it??

Iron Needles said...

I am so glad it is not just us...as in the U.S. I am not sure that makes me feel any better, that the craziness is rampant, though.

Scratches behind the ears for Celeste!

Jenny Holden said...

What a loss :o( Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Puts the whole MJ thing in perspective!

knittingdragonflies said...

I'm with Celeste, Thanks again I enjoy hearing all of your posts, (or reading) it makes me aware of so much that is out there.
take care