Jul 24, 2008

A Morning With Celeste

Come on, let's go outside. Come on, you can make it, Mom.

It looks so nice outside! I can already smell the people and the cars!

Come on! Get those feet moving! Move it! Move it!

Okay! That's a good mom!

Wait a minute! What's been going on here? Pidgeons?

Yeay! We're outside! Okay, take my picture...I know I'm beautiful.

Okay, that's enough with the camera. No more photos, please. That little red light on the camera kinda weirds me out.

Okay, okay, just a little smile for the camera...


wildtomato said...

There's the pretty eyed girl! She deserved her very own blog post!

Wooly Works said...

Oh Celeste! What a drama queen!

- Bethy

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

That has to be the best smile ever!!

Wooly Works said...

She's so dramatic. I think our mother would have called that last smile a s*** eating grin.

Kathleen said...

Celeste is a total drama queen! But what a lot of fun she can be. She has a great sense of humor and plays all the time. I've met other Siberian owners who say that after a year or so, their dogs lose the desire to play. Celeste is now about a year and a half old, and still busy and playful and full of herself, just as a young dog should be. The only thing that has really changed about her is that she is now generally trustworthy in her sanitary habits, thankfully.

Margaret Cloud said...

that dog is so cute and what pretty color, my dog yelps so loud it hurts your ears and almost gives you a headache when she knows its walk time.