Jul 6, 2008

Back to spinning

I've been spending what's left of my weekend spinning up some superwash merino roviings, handpainted by Rochelle, colorway "". Well, as I've been pre-drafting and spinning, I noticed that my "Superfreak" had mutated. It's more like "Blueberry Cobbler". Just as "Squidge" changed into "Tea Roses", "Superfreak" has taken on a different personality. I'm not disappointed at all, just enjoying the way the colors are taking on a new look and formulating a new project for it in my mind. It's amazing how the most dramatic colorways change after pre-drafting and spinning. Then comes the plying and even more color changes. I love watching the process unfold. So far, I've got one 165-yards of it in DK weight, with more of the same fiber to spin yet. I'm hoping for another 100 yards of it so I can make some socks.

I've joined Butterfly Girl's subscription fiber and spindle club. It's a 3-month subscription and, every month for 3 months, Mary sends 3 ounces of fiber and a spindle for me to try. I have no idea what the spindle will be like, nor do I know what the fiber will be. It'll be a surprise every month! It starts this month, and I can't wait to see what she sends!

Camera, camera...where's my camera? Superfreak, aka Blueberry Cobbler has been soaked and squeezed and is hanging up to dry, and there's sun this afternoon! ...and I can't find my camera. Ratz. Well, there's always tomorrow.

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Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

I love all these animal pictures on your blog!