Jul 4, 2008

A Letter From Daisy

I recently received a letter from my "Adopt-a-Goat" goat, Daisy:

Well hi!

This is Daisy, your perfectly perfect little goat! I'm starting to look curly again, thank goodness! I just hate the "shaved to the skin" look, don't you? All the big girls are out on the pasture, but I'm living in a little pen with Lilly, Phoebe and Charlie. They told us that we had to stay in the pen because we wouldn't stay in the pasture. It just doesn't seem fair, does it? All that perfectly gorgeous green stuff to eat--peach leaves, flowers, green alfalfa--and I'm shut up in this little pen. Darn! Well, I guess I'll have to just learn my lesson and stay in the fence. I've learned it. I really have. So would you please tell them to let me out now?

The people have started putting some white powdery stuff in my feed and they even dusted me all over with it. I like the way it feels on my nose. It tickles. They tell me that this stuff will make the itchy bugs go away. I'll be happy for that. The only thing is, it makes my grain look different. It's just not the same and I really like things to be the same.

The nice thing about my pen is that I have a very nice house to hide in when there's a storm. I haven't been wet once this summer and that suits me just fine.

That's all for now. My life just isn't very exciting, I guess, but if you'll tell the people to let me out of this little pen, things could get really exciting pretty fast!

Thanks for being my sponsor,

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Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

This is so sweet! I "adopted" a donkey and loved receiving correspondence similar to this about how happy my donkey was.

YOur blog is so creative; you are a very creative person, I can see. How calming it must be to work with woollens...

A while ago I won a knitted purse in a blog giveaway, and it is so beautiful, I cherish it...