Jul 29, 2008

The knit-a-long sock

To further that sock compulsion, here's a cuff on my current sock:

A little funky-looking, hmm? I'm using Odyssey Rock Ranch 100% alpaca in dark blue, and my own handspun "Superfreak". I have a little skeinlet of about 30 yards, so I thought I might use it up on these socks. If I don't have enough in this skeinlet, I do have two other larger ones to dip in to to finish.


Wooly Works said...

Yahoo! It looks great! Oh, just give it up, you're an addict and you know it.

Kathleen said...

Second cuff done, and ruminating a little on the clock pattern before I start on it...

I really thought there would be a little clock face emerging somewhere on the leg of the sock, until I read a little more of the explanation, and then I felt like an idiot. Why do they call it a "clock pattern" when it's more like a mock cable?