Feb 23, 2008

Mad Mr. T - Fleet Street's Demonic Barber **Warning - Spoiler**

I just got back from watching "Sweeney Todd, Demon Barber of Fleet Street". I enjoyed it. It was a dark comedic thing; the depiction of London was as gray as could be, without a hint of sunshine, until Mrs. Lovett's daydream about marrying mad Mr. T. In spite of many throats graphically cut and blood sprayed in all directions, Johnny Depp's performance was as brilliant as ever and he sings pretty well, too. I doubt I will ever get tired of him as an actor. The few interviews with him that I've seen have been much less than brilliant, but I could care less about his personal life or opinions so I don't hold those few dreary moments against him. (Not much of a fan then, am I?)

It's not, though, a movie for kids. As I said, throats graphically cut and blood sprayed in all directions, even by special effects...these might cause some nightmares...think "Edward Scissorhands" with an attitude. In fact, those of us who have seen "Edward Scissorhands" will recognise the hair right away.

The only thing I didn't like about the movie was the ending. Mr. T is killed by a kid. Throat cut with his own razor, and simply bleeds to death with his dead wife (whom he's just discovered that he's killed) in his lap. I suppose that's life, though, and death. Most of us don't go out with a bang. We just go. No happy ending for this killer, no matter how he amazed us with his singing voice. In spite of that, I want the dvd when it comes out.


Inthemud said...

Sweeney Todd sounds morbidly good!
Not seen it myself.

Just looking through your blogs.
The shrawl is beautiful, give it a go, I can't crochet, just about knit and that is it.

And reading about your dear dog, what a beauty. Hope op goes ok. I've not had mine spayed, kept thinking might breed from her, but now getting too late , she's 5.

Anyway, some good blogs, very interesting


Milla said...

NO!! Aaargh!! How could you give away the ending!! Bad Kat. Love Johnny Depp, the film will have to wait til DVD now that I know what happens. Grr, never mind, it saves me a few quid and am totally broke so you've done me a favour. Reading down, Lolly is currently, at this very minute, being spayed, so was interested to read about Celeste. She sounds very similar to Lolly, always wanting to play (always feel sorry for the dull dogs who don't)

Kathleen said...

Oh, jeez, Milla! I figured the whole world had already seen Sweeney Todd. Still, you should go see it. Even if you know, loosely, the ending, it's still a movie worth watching, if only for Johnny Depp's singing. Anyway, I put up a spoiler warning, just in case you and I aren't the last ones on earth to see it.