Feb 11, 2008

And the "MWAH" award goes to...

I just got a "MWAH" award from Inthemud! I'm tickled pink about it! Now I have some people here that deserve a big fat "MWAH" from me:

La Gringa
The Wild Tomato

Whenever I get on the computer, I go straight to these blogs. I can't wait to see what they've posted!


La Gringa said...

Oh thank you, Kathleen! So very nice of you to think of me. MWAH back at ya!

I'm always so far behind the trends that I had to google MWAH.

JC said...

Very neat, thank you Kathleen. I needed a MWAH today...:-) I feel the same about your blog. I love reading about your life and about Celeste. Life Is Good

Maggie's Farm said...

Oh, is my face red! I just figured out what MWAH means! I kept trying to find a phrase with m, then w, you know what I mean! Duh, double duh! But anyway, Kathleen you are a doll and thanks so much!

wildtomato said...

Thanks for the MWAH! It made my day, especially now that it is gloomy and rainy here instead of fabulously sunny (like it was in Mexico).