Feb 26, 2008

And most recently...

Look! My first sock is finished and the second not far behind! They are of worsted weight acrylic. I'm not "addicted" per se, but you know I run home and grab a couple of rows before doing anything else. I get a row in first thing after taking Celeste out in the morning. No, I'm not addicted. Not me. No sock addict here. Nope, nope, nope. Not that I've already started planning my March St. Patty's Day socks or anything. Not that I've been looking for even more sock patterns and gorgeous yarns to make them in. No...no, I deny all of it.

I'll be done with the second sock this week. How soon can I start on the March socks?


Wooly Works said...

Well done!! Now get out your Birkenstocks and wear them at every opportunity and make a pair for O. Make sure you wear lots of skirts so you can show them off. Make knee high socks, make footies, make an enormous pair and felt them for slippers, make a lace pair, and how about an hourglass heel!

Not addicted, eh? Don't the dp needles seem to much easier now--you know, what's the big deal anyway? You can now knit hats in the round, sweater sleeves, leggings, the sky's the limit and with no seams!! Hurray for no seams!

Acrylic socks will wear out quickly and pill up if you're not careful, so the next pair will probably need a hefty heel and toe reinforcement if you haven't already done that.

Now, look at the empty, plain, dull, boring sections of plain knitting and start dreaming of color patterns or stitch patterns to fill in those parts--did I say plain, dull, boring, empty...? You have an active imagination, so I can say that to you, can't I?

Wooly Works said...

Good job Aunt Cookie! Now all I need to do is learn how to knit socks and the whole trio will be good to go. I can do everything but the heel and I can probably do that if I make up my mind that I can. But for now I'm just a pathetic baby that complains every time Mama brings up the subject of knitting socks. Oh well! It'll click in my brain that I'm more talented than I think eventually.

- Bethy

Kathleen said...

Nope, I haven't done that yet. These socks I plan to wear to bed. In winter. When the bedding is damp and my feet are chilly. The next pair of socks will be of white alpaca with a trim of green wool (not that I've planned my st. Patty's socks or anything), so I think they should wear well.

Anonymous said...

Those socks look great so far! Nice! I like knitting socks but these days I'm too busy knitting other things ... not complaining!

wildtomato said...

Woo hoo! Those socks are looking good! I knew you'd be able to pick them up quickly.

yarnplayer said...

Wonderful bright red socks! They look so toasty warm, and sounds like you are having fun.

BTW, I decided to "downsize" my blogging efforts, and only have one fiber arts blog now - it's at
Mostly tatting, but I will be putting my weaving on there now, too. Just in case you were wondering what happened to my other blog.