Oct 21, 2007

Sunday stuff

Yesterday, the sun was out and I was bursting with energy! I finished the black circular vest, scrubbed the floors, packed up almost all of my projects to transport to the US, and went walking with Celeste 4 or 5 times through the day. In the evening, we went to Ace Home Center and bought a hot water heater. FINALLY!!! They'll install it on Tuesday. Oh, I can't wait! It will be my first hot shower in almost nine months. I'm so tired of taking a bath in a little wash tub, heating my bath water in the teapot. Then we got groceries and came home to take Celeste out once more, when she peed on the floor. GRRRAAAAUUUGH! She's in that stage where, no matter what we do, she's excited about it and has to pee herself and whatever happens to be where she is. She spent the rest of the evening in the doghouse - literally and figuratively. She managed to do it again this morning, when I was brushing her. The brush touched her coat, and she peed herself. Just little, just enough to make the house smell like a wet diaper, if left for the day. This morning she smells like she spent the night in the dirty laundry hamper, so I'm not sure what she was up to last night, but she must have had a good time doing it.

Today is census day. Everyone has to stay in their homes to be counted, so there are no businesses open, and only places like hospitals are in operation till the census is taken. So last night, everyone was out buying provisions for the day inside. When we went to Ace to buy the hot water heater, it seemed like all of Lima was at that particular shopping center. It took us 45 minutes to find a place to park. Afterwords, we went to the grocery store to get some lunch meat and bread, and it was jammed full of people, desperate to buy goodies for the day at home. I've never seen anything like it. People grabbing at things and elbowing one another aside for a piece of bread - these are not poor and desperate people; they are all middle to upper class ones who eat well every day - acting like so many animals at the feed trough.

Also, today I have no projects in the works. I've finished everything I have started and am in that in-between place where I'm idle and uninspired. I hope that later I can figure out something to do...I have plenty of beautiful yarns to make something with, but today I lack the impetus to choose something and get started. Hmm. Maybe today would be a good day to finish my spring cleaning or get all my yarns wound into balls.


JC said...

I love the new picutres of celeste, she is really so striking. It sounds like she's growning up to be a great dog also. Like my Avery, they still have a lot of puppy left in them. I sent the link to your sisters blog to my sister today, I know she will really enjoy it as she raises goats and lives on a farm. Be well, Jill

Rani said...

Pair of socks? I could e-mail you a pattern . . . (sing song voice). Be sure to buy some sock yarn when your back in the States . . . just in case you get a sock-knitting mojo going on.

Pondside said...

...or you could clean windows.....hmmm maybe research some patterns on the internet?
I am going to send you a PM on the purplecoo site - just a question - looking for input. Thank you!!!