Oct 15, 2007


Yeay! My package from Mountain Rose Herbs arrived! I ordered goodies in preparation for the drier months that should be coming. I use their massage oils on my legs because they help my skin and because the aromas are so YUMMY! This time, I chose "Goddess Dreams" massage oil. Although I'm not using the oil yet, I couldn't resist popping open the top to sniff...MMMmmmm. I also ordered a tiny bottle of Amber Patchouli aroma oil. It's a very subtle and lasting perfume oil, just strong enough that I can smell it and still not overcome the room with scent. And I ordered 2 essential oils - corn mint and patchouli. Patchouli gets better as it ages, so I can use it sparingly and if it lasts for a few years, all the better.

I also received a package in the mail from Amazon.com. Doris Chan's "Amazing Crochet Lace" and "Folk Style", by Mags Khandis will be keeping me busy for months! I had also ordered another book, but it hasn't been released yet, and, duh, I didn't notice that fact until they sent me a notice to tell me that it would be shipped when the publisher released it. I hope it arrives before I go to the US! I want to see it!


Crystal Jigsaw said...

I keep meaning to get some massage oil. You might just have talked me into it without intending!

Crystal xx

Pondside said...

Everyday is Christmas when you order through the mail!

Kary said...

YAY for getting mail packages! I love too .... It makes for a HaPpY day!

Rani said...

Getting packets in the mail is so much fun!

And I love your new title picture. Very pretty!