Oct 2, 2007

Hippy-style Vest

It looks like a small round tablecloth. It's a little bit too hippy-ish for my taste, but still, I like this piece. It turned out to be a size 14 - 16; too big for me, but on the right person, this could be a knock-out!

Here's a shot of it a few days ago, when I had about 3 rounds left:

And here's a couple of shots of the back of the finished vest:

And finally, the detail of the front...the green top kind of clashes and the wooden button is hidden by the crocheted lace, but I hope you can get the idea of the thing...this vest is for sale.


wildtomato said...

That is outstanding! You are so fast at whipping out finished projects!

Casdok said...

Very creative!

Anonymous said...

Very attractive. How do you do it!

Crystal xx

P.S. Please read the comment I left you on your previous blog about Tarot Cards, many thanks.

Exmoorjane said...

Wow, that's some vest! Not sure Dulverton is ready for it but sure you;ll get some wild woman who would suit it down to the ground and up to the sky. jx

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

OOoooooo love it . . . think I may be too much of an OLD hippy for it though.