Oct 7, 2007

Good morning!

Well, it's late morning, but still a good one! I have photos to share from the farm!

Rose is the unchallenged queen. She rules the pen with an iron.......horn? I think you'd call her the alpha female.

This is my Sunny boy. You've seen him before, but here he is, contemplating the joys of having his ears rubbed.

And here is Sunny once again, just about to deliver the punchline of his latest joke. He's a happy boy and a charm to be with. I miss him.

Here's Pansy, our old Grandma goat. She's a 14 year old Nubian, retired from her milking career. In her prime, she was a gallon-a-day producer. Now she's a babysitter and has her say about what goes on around the farm. Very outspoken and friendly, she's still got an ornery streak through her and really enjoys a good back rub now and then.


DJ Kirkby said...

Sunny looks so sweet, I'd love to give his ears a rub too.

Withy Brook said...

I love all your people. I think I am behind the times. Why do you miss sunny? If he has gone to the great hunting ground, I would miss him dreadfully too.

lampworkbeader said...

I just love your animals. What sort of sheep is Rose? I presume she is a sheep. I can't see her tail, so cant't tell.

Rani said...

Is that the pup that you had to leave back in the US? OHhhhh He's darling! What did he do when he first saw you? He must have been thrilled!

Love the sheep! (goats have always scared me . . . childhood thing).