Dec 18, 2009

About Kaiser...

I wrote to Donna, the project manager of Building New Hope in Nicaragua, About Kaiser's funds, and what to do to specify that a donation is only for Kaiser,and she wrote me back:

“To answer your question about donating to Kaiser, Kathleen, this can be done by going to our using PayPal or by sending a check to Building New hHope. Either way, just write in that it's for Kaiser. And ony Kaiser will get it. We are very good about this...donations go where they are intended. Always.

Thanks so much for your moral support and excellent info about your Husky!


And then I asked for an update on Kaiser. And here it is:

“Sadly, the govt agency that must sign off on allowing animals to leave the country will not do this for Kaiser. He's too sick. He's condemned to this the limited knowledge and resources to make him the beautiful dog that he was just months ago.

But today we may have made a little breakthrough. We shaved off all of his thick fur (he lost much of it to his disase, whatever it is) and we soaked him in chlorohexine, an antiseptic shampoo that is also soothing. We're hoping that this will stop whatever is eating his skin, and if we're lucky, cure it. We have plied this poor dog with all kinds of drug combos and applied all kinds of lotions and creams. We are working without a net. There is no lab available that could exam a biopsy....even a skin scraping. It is not a good situation.

But Kaiser has people here who love him and will not give up on him. Thank you for your concern. We'll keep you posted, Kathleen.



Rani said...

Oh, Kathleen, this just makes me cry. They are so innocent. That just kills me. I'm praying so hard for that little pup. Thanks for the leg-work on finding out what happens with the proceeds. Please keep us posted. I can't donate until the 30th (when I'm paid) In the meantime, I'll keep up my thoughts and prayers.

Margaret Cloud said...

I just wanted to let you know that I did donate through Pay Pal to Kaiser, have a great Holiday.

knittingdragonflies said...

Thanks for this info, he is a beautiful dog