Apr 19, 2009

The week in review...

This week has been pretty uneventful. I spun a couple of spindles of some black merino/silk fiber and plied it. It's had a bath and is now hanging up to dry. And I'm working on two more spindles of it. I only have 4 ounces of it and have spun half of it so far. I thought I was getting it pretty thin and would have some good yardage, but so far, I've got only 148 yards of 2-ply out of 2 ounces. But it's spinning pretty fast, so I should be finished with it by the end of this week.

And, I've been looking for some double pointed needles for a long time. There are no well-stocked yarn shops here, like there are at home, so knitting needles are pretty hard to come by. I only have one set of size three DPNs and they are occupied with a sock that I stalled out on for lack yarn, so I've done no sock knitting for a few months now. Yesterday, I decided it was time for decisive action. I marched myself into the local Metro supermarket and went straight to the toy section, looking for something, something, something that would do for DPNs...and I found it!

PIXIE PICK-UP STIX, 30 each in bamboo. They come in a metal box that is just perfect for crochet hooks and DPNs. The pick-up stix are size 3s, just like my single set of metal DPNs. I haven't started knitting with them yet, but I have high hopes. Anyway, for a buck and a half, if they don't work out, I've still got a game and a cool metal storage box for my crochet hooks. I'll let you know how they do as knitting needles.

And on Wednesday, the electric company sent a man out to cut off our electricity because we didn't pay our bill. The catch was that we HAD paid our bill well in advance of the due date. Luckily, I was home when the doorman called up to tell me. I went downstairs to find out how this could possibly be, with my receipt of payment (we don't send payments through the mail here...you have to go pay in person) and the electrician told me that I should have paid by the 11th of the month.
Well, yes and I'd paid on the 5th.
But Señora, you had to pay by the 11th. I have an order from the company to cut off your electricity.
But Señor, I just showed you my receipt that said I paid on the 5th.
Profound silence. Electrician thumbs through his notebook for a few moments then clears his throat.
OH. There must be a problem with the system, Señora. I'll reconnect your electricity now.
Muchisimas gracias.

Such is life.

We went to see Monsters and Aliens at the movies tonight. I must not be that much of a kid anymore. I was bored through the whole thing. It was cute, but just not my style. I did, however, totally LOVE Inkheart and Twilight, even though Inkheart was in Spanish.


Pondside said...

I once had a representative from the electric company (during an overseas posting) come around to the house to lecture me on the amount of electricity my family used. It was awkward.
I like your solution for your DPN. When you move back to the US you're sure to be stunned for a while at the availablity of everything - including knitting needles!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Pixie stix. Brilliant.

Amoena said...

I feel lucky because I live in Finland because we're a real nation of knitters: you can find yarn and knitting needles even from the smallest grocery stores :P

Margaret Cloud said...

Pixie Stix, very good idea, hope they work. Don't you just hate it when some company says you havent paid your bill, that has happened to me also. Hope you have a nice week and give Celeste a pet for me, bet you can't wait to come back to the states.

Kathleen said...

Yup. The truth is that really CAN'T wait til I move back home. I'm excited about it, and worried aout it at the same time. I hope that O can adjust. I hope that he can find work in his chosen profession (as a pharmacist). I hope that everything works out as I want it to, heh. I want what I want. Is that asking too much? I hope not.

knittingdragonflies said...

You are indeed yearning for sock needles bad! Such a fun idea. I can't wait to see how it works.
Glad you were home and didn't get your electricity cut off! EEkk.

Iron Needles said...

When my sister and I were sorting out and dividing knitting needles between us, we found what we think were pick-up sticks...or pixie sticks.