Apr 22, 2009

Thorn Rainbowfly, at your service!

Your fairy is called Thorn Rainbowfly
She is a fortune bringer.
She lives in brambles and blackberry bushes.
She is only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky.
She wears purple and green like berries and leaves. She has multicoloured wings like a butterfly.

I'm sure by now, everyone has tried the Fairy Name generator. So this is the name of my inner fairy, my true self, and who I am in my dreams (yeh right...) I wish I could find a picture of her, but I can't seem to come up with one, so I officially declare my next project to be devoted to creating my inner fairy. I hope I can find some fiberfill stuffing for her body!


knittingdragonflies said...

Fun, I haven't seen this. I've been in the garden, and offline. I'm juniper iceberry. Makes me think of a slushy. Yum.

wildtomato said...

I've never knit anything with beads before, but I can see how it would look really good!

The cami pattern is the Honeymoon Cami by Julia Trice.


The vine lace is from the Barbara Walker treasure. I think it's posted somewhere, or another vine lace pattern is posted somewhere on the web. I don't have access to my notes now, but I can let you know if you can't find it. :)


Pondside said...

Well I like my name!
Your fairy is called Columbine Goblinfly
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives in mushroom fields and quiet meadows.
She is only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky.
She wears lilac and purple like columbine flowers. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

........and I think yours suits you!