Apr 26, 2009

This face

This is the face of a schemer.

This is the face of a manipulator.

And this is the face of a blackmailer.

I think Celeste lays awake at night, laying her plans, scheming how she will control us through the day. This may be the beginning of the Dog Mafioso is our apartment building. All the dogs in this building bark their plans and accomplishments to one another as they leave or return to their apartments. I think they are planning something big. Maybe a blackmailing scheme for bones. I can't be sure, but I see Celeste looking at the other dogs with THAT LOOK in her eyes...hmmmm...


Amoena said...

That manipulator face kinda scares me. It looks a bit hungry for flesh :P

JC said...

What great photo's of Celeste, she is so pretty. Having three dogs, they work together, at times to get what they want, although they dont have to work hard, my ability to say No seems lacking, I think that is Avery's fault, ha ha. As always, I enjoy reading your wonderful blog kathleen.

knittingdragonflies said...

The dog photos are great, they let us see their personality. If they are planning something that big, maybe they should go into politics.