Feb 20, 2009


Well, yes...I've been busy, and have several photos to show you, but unfortunately not in this post. O has lent out the cable that connects the camera to the puter, so I haven't been able to download photos for about a week and a half. Grrrr....

But anyway, I have almost finished the lace stole that I've been working on. Teal Romney lace weight yarn with gold glitz spun in and crystal clear seed beads scattered randomly across the piece...sounds nice, doesn't it? Well, I love it, but you know...those photos will have to wait till I can get them on the computer. Maybe by the time the stole in finished, the camera cable will have returned.

And...I've finished up a pair of fingerless gloves made from handspun superwash merino. Shades of blue and purple with seed beads at the upper edges. Those sound pretty, too, don't they? Yes! They are, but you know the story...no cable to download pictures with.

And...I received several batts and rovings to spin up - all in a rainbow of gorgeously rich colors...but...not a cable in sight to download those photos. Wah. And a pair of new lace weight spindles came from Heidi in Colorado, but nope - no photos of them either. Phooey.

And, I have a few photos of Celeste with her "I hate cameras" face.

Several of my students come to class badly in need of a shower. I know it's hot, but when someone arrives to the 7 am class smelling like they've not bathed since last Sunday night (today's Friday), it just about waters my eyes when the student approaches my desk. I have a hard time telling students "Hey buddy, you're a little over ripe. Why not treat yourself to a shower before you go to bed tonight?" Not only would he (or she) not understand, but maybe they don't have access to water on a daily basis. Some people here only have water at certain times of the day, and some have to haul water from the truck that comes once a day. So I feel really bad about telling someone here that they need a shower.

But - today a student came to talk to me and I swear, he must not have washed for a very long time. The body odor was overpowering. How do you tell someone in a nice way that they really reek and need to scrub off a little bit? I have noticed that several student take their daily bath in the institute sink, where there is clean water and soap always available. I know they do this because they walk out of the bathroom soaking wet from hair to shirt to shoes. In the heat it doesn't take long to dry. I know these students are more comfortable, so I wonder why more of them don't take advantage of the availability of water and soap?


Pondside said...

Well, we'll just have to wait for the photos of all those lovely things - especially that lace stole!
It's funny to think of the things that are not obvious when one one considers the difficulties of certain jobs. The BO presents a real challenge, and you are right, of course, about the lack of water being a contributing factor. If some can wash in the institute sink though, why can't others? Is it time for a segment on English words for'hygiene'?

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I've always had a very acute sense of smell, so your job would be TORTURE. I hope O brings the cable back soon so you don't have to resort to torturing him! Hee!

knitting dragonfly said...

Look forward to seeing your pic's. You are getting more done than I. I am in a garden/nesting phase (no knitting).
Makes me thankful I have access to water at the turn of the wrist! Take care

Jude said...

Hello, just found your blog,love it!!I'll be back very soon.

Cait O'Connor said...

I look forward to seeing your pics when the cable returns. Hope the pupil odour problem improves!

Rani said...

OMG! I don't know what I'd do. I would definitely not be able to say something but UGH! UGGH!!!

You may have to keep a yummy smelling rose or something with perfume on it and pretend you wipe your nose with it when they come around. EW!

PS. Waiting for pictures . . .