Feb 11, 2009

A post from Celeste

You may have noticed that The Mom hasn't written anything here for a little while. That's because she's been busy figgering out the frigerator. The Mom and The Dad thought that the frigerator conked out when all the water ran out of it and all over the floor, even coming inside MY VERY OWN BEDROOM while I was sleepin. That was last night. This mornin when it was still dark, there was still water runnin out of it and The Mom and The Dad were talkin about how much fridges cost and lookin kind of worried, but when The Mom came home from her morning work, she went right to the fridge...even ignorin ME, who was waitin with my BIG BLUE EYES for her say "Good morning" to me and take me out to do my buzzniss. She picked up all the towels from the floor and mopped up around my house, and then opened up the fridge and gave it a thunk with her hand. Then there was sort of a crash and she hauled out a big honkin chunk a ice and tossed it in the sink. Then the fridge made a noise and The Mom grinned at me and said "You did it, Celeste!" I donno what I did, but the fridge is workin agin and The Mom's happy agin. I'm just glad all the wet towels are gone from around my house. I had to toss out my jammas becauz they were damp, too. I donno if The Dad noticed.

And The Mom's been spendin a lot of time with her spindles lately. That bugs me. Yaknow, it's MY JOB to make sure she gets outside and goes walkin everyday. I hafta get my own leash now and take it to her to make sure I get to do MY JOB. It's important! It's MY JOB to go with her whenever she goes out a the house so nobody bothers her. I always go with her and take a GOOD LOOK at the people who pass by. She always tells me "Take a GOOD LOOK, Celeste, and see if you think they're okay." So I always that a GOOD LOOK and sometimes they make my hair stand up and I make The Mom walk really fast then till those people are gone. It's MY JOB. Sometimes those creepy people follow us for a little bit, but I always keep my BIG BLUE EYES on them, and let my hair stand up so I look bigger and meaner than I really am. Sometimes I just sit and keep a GOOD LOOK on them and make sure they go away. It's MY JOB, too. The Dad told me that it's MY JOB to go with her all the time so I do. He does notice that.

So, I love MY JOB, yaknow? One other thing I really love is THE BED. Whenever The Mom comes home and takes a little nap, I get to take a little nap too, on THE BED. Ooooo, THE BED is soooo soft that I just hafta roll around on it and jump and play on it and then The Mom says DOWN, and then I get to take a little nap, right there on THE BED! If I could just eat some BREAD BREAD BREAD there too, I'd be set for life. I bet The Dad wouldn't even notice. The only bad part is when The Mom wakes up from her little nap, then she changes into her skirt. I hate the skirt. I get worried when I see the skirt becauz then its not too long before she goes to her afternoon work and I hafta wait until The Dad comes home from his work to go outside and take another little nap on THE BED. The Dad says I can't get on THE BED, but if I wait till he's snorin in his little nap, then I can get up there and take a little nap too. I don't think The Dad even notices.

Okay, I hafta go now. The Dad's comin in and I am sittin in his chair. If I get down now, I don't think The Dad will even notice.

Love from Celeste


Pondside said...

You have a very busy schedule, but it's GOOD to have important things to do. You keep on checking out the people on the street when you're with The Mom, and I know that The Dad will let you get away with a whole lot!

wildtomato said...

Good dog, Celeste! My dogs have to remind me to get up run, too. I think I'm in way better shape thanks to them.

Margaret Cloud said...

Celeste, I was hoping for a picture of you on your post, because you know I think you are the prettiest dog I know and those blue eyes are so pretty. It is nice of you to keep mom safe and tell her I am glad the fridge is fixed.

kitkatknit said...

Good girl, Celeste, fixing the refrigerator for your Mom and Dad! Think you can give Ruby and Rufus a few hints on how to fix ours? It's been making really loud noises 1999. Hasn't died yet though.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Celeste, Edward is thrilled with your post! He shares many of your feelings and hopes you visit your mom's blog again soon!! Congratulations on fixing the fridge!

JC said...

I love this post Kathleen! Celeste is really out smarting us humans! Thanks so much for giving me a laugh, I needed one. Life has been busy, I dont get to my own blog much these days, and dont get to youre blog anywhere near as often as I would like! Give Celeste a kiss on the nose from the five of us! Jill