Dec 20, 2007

Got the bug

Wah. Last evening, about 5:30, I got the shakes and the chills and a sore throat. All at one time. I was teaching a class, we were reviewing vocabulary and listening skills in preparation for the final exam on Friday. I was writing on the board and I began to shake so badly that I couldn't write. Later, I went to the cafeteria for a cup of tea and a friend noticed that I looked tired or just a little off. In my last class, I was freezing and had a headache and burning eyes. Couldn't think straight. When one of my students asked a question about grammar, I had to tell her that I'd have an answer for her on Friday, because I just couldn't think at the time. Today, I'm slow moving. I'm no longer freezing or shaking, but my throat is so sore and I feel tired and washed out. Celeste doesn't get it and today is probably the only day in her entire 11 month life that she doesn't want on my bed. I think I'm too cranky. I do not want to play.

I've opted for one of the local remedies that seemed the least nasty: hot lime juice with strong black tea. A 1/4 cup of Pisco (Peruvian brandy) should be added to it, but I can't stand the taste of it, so I've opted against that. Another remedy was to take Alka Seltzer in vinegar...luckily I don't have any Alka Seltzer in the house. There are 5 curanderas and a witch doctor in the artisan market down the block, but I'm not up to being smoked in copal resin incense with a chaser of snake tincture. For now, I think I'll stick to the tea and lime juice, and go to bed. If I'm not better by the weekend, maybe I'll go for the snakeskin cocktail.


Wooly Works said...

The Purple crowd would tell you to tuck in your vest and take a brandy and calpol slammer. Sorry you're feeling that bad. Perhaps it will be a hard and fast thing and pass as quickly as it came on. I think I would opt for the healers and witch doctors before I'd go to an MD., from what you've told me about doctors there. Mama used to put whiskey in our tea. I don't know if it helped or just made us not care.

You and Dash can recover together.:o Tell you what--I'll stay home from the Christmas road trip to pray for you and Dash. Does that make you feel any better? It's doing wonders for me, just thinking about it...the staying home part, you know.

By the way, got your packages yesterday!!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Oh you poor thing. Nothing worse than being all fluey and feeling like you do right now. I think the only remedy for flu is time. Lot's of rest and lying in bed usually does the trick. I'll send you some getwell vibes.

Celeste is absolutely gorgeous. I could amost reach out and touch her on the computer screen. Sparky hasn't looked mad just very fed up!

Crystal xx

Pondside said...

The cure sounds, possibly, worse than the flu! Stick with your lime/tea concoction and stay in bed! I hope you begin to feel better soon!

Faith said...

Oh your poor thing, hopefully you will feel better soon. I also am not well with some sort of bug - feel weak, tired and my stomach has grinding pains. My Yorkshire Terrier doesnt like me being ill and plays up on purpose. This morning he did a poo on the carpet!

Kathleen said...

What is a calpol?

Kathleen said...

So no road trip? Dash will love you for that!

Faith, I'm sorry that you're feeling unwell, too. Have a snakeskin cocktail on me. :o)

UUuuff...after reading this post, I realize it sounds pretty whiny. I just can't think of a good way to change it for now. Maybe tomorrow I'll edit out the whiny parts and made it more positive.

For now - WAAAHHH!

Casdok said...

A snakeskin cocktail??!
Hope you feel better soon.

wildtomato said...

I hope you can shake your cold soon.

Pisco! I've had it before in a mixed drink and it almost knocked my socks off. I think the drink was innocently called the Pisco Canary. A canary would've croaked after drinking that, so I guess the bartender had a good sense of humor.

lampworkbeader said...

I'm sure the snake tincture will take your mind off the flu, not cure you, just take your mind off it!
Sorry to hear you are poorly and to make jokes at your expense. Hope you are better soon.

Kathleen said...

At the institute today, I was told to go find coca leaves and make a strong infusion to which I add salt, vinegar, and Pisco. Good lord...The coca and pisco are supposed to knock out the pain, which I'm sure they will, while the salt and vinegar burn out whatever the infection is in the throat and body. That might do the trick, if I can get the stuff down. The nasty part would be if it came back up.

Rani said...

UGH! Poor thing. I hope you are feeling better! (the lime juice and tea actually sound very soothing)

Merry Christmas/Happy holidays!

Wooly Works said...

I have no idea what calpol is. Angela talks about it, too so it must be an over the counter remedy. Are you feeling better? I sent you an e-mail, so let me know if you don't get it. I'm using Andrew's computer until everyone gets home and it won't let me log in on some sights. I'll have to wait until they bring the computer back to get caught up with everything.