Dec 12, 2007

The day in photos

I finally managed to get some photos today. The yarn is alpaca, from the Wooly Works. We spent a couple of days doing hand paints. What a blast it was! We managed to get it all finished just before it turned really cold. The dog, of course is Celeste...still taking herself too seriously, still showing her mad face. She's not realy mad, but every time I get the camera out, she puts on that face. Maybe she's just self-concious.

Colorway: Storm Clouds (hand painted by Bethy) and beautiful blues!

This carpet is MINE!

Avocado tree #1.

Avocado tree #2.

The mad face (and this carpet is MINE):

Please don't take my picture. And the carpet is mine. Just so you know. But don't take my picture with that soul-stealing electronic box.

Beautiful purple!

Colorway: Pasture Berries. And just for laughs, I stumbled upon this gem of a story, for those of us who know and love chickens. I laughed so hard I almost cried. And look at the indignant face on that chicken...I'll never show that to Celeste - she might come up with a new mad face.


Anonymous said...

Loved the story about the almost lubricated chicken. What an embarassment that must have been.

I also love the colours of your wool, especially the purple. Celeste is so gorgeous. What a very shiny floor you have, does Celeste ever slide on it?!

Crystal xx

Elizabethd said...

Lovely photos, soft gentle colours.You can almost feel the wooliness!

Wooly Works said...

What a pouty thing she is! I suppose you know by now that the carpet is hers? Oh and the other one is, too. Oh, and if you have something, it's hers, too.

Sunny busted into the Christmas candy today and got booted out again. His, um, problem is better after a good squeeze. Eeew! He looked about as indignant as that chicken after "the procedure".

Zoƫ said...

I love the colours of these yarns, so soft and natural.

Many years ago, before the days of marriage, a boyfriend and I grew an advocado, which we named Edwina, she sadly became the victim in a dispute when we went our own ways, and I haven't seen her since she was but a small two branch sprout.

Blossomcottage said...

Love the colours of the wool makes me want to knit, I have been very grateful for my Alpaca sweater the last few days it has been very cold, but of course not with the sweater on!! Head of House has a carpet that is hers too would not dream of taking it from her!
Love Blossom

Rani said...

Oh, that yarn is heavenly. Divine!

By the way, my old lab took the WORST pictures. She always looked like a demon on film, but as gentle as a lamb in real life. Hmmmmmm.

Wooly Works said...

Do you have an alternate e-mail address? I keep getting about half the messages I send to you back, saying they're undeliverable. Did you get the gift certificate?

wildtomato said...

Oh, Celeste! Such a diva, she is.

I love the yarns and the colorways! It all looks so squishable.

Cowgirl said...

Stunning colours evocative of misty morns... and what a darling dog!!!! She looks a little wolfish! I want one!

Kathleen said...

She is a pouty little gal sometimes, especially when the camera comes out. I'm not sure why. And she really does have a habit of claiming whatever we have in the house for her own. But especially the rug, and she's like to claim OUR bed, since she shredded her own recently.

Cowgirl, Celeste is known around the neighborhood as "Lobita", or Little Wolf Girl. Lots of peole are afraid of her because of her wolfish looks, even though she would gladly leap into anyone's arms and smother them with kisses, if they looked at her twice.