Oct 10, 2012

Fall has Arrived! Yay!

Thank goodness it has cooled off around here. We have had a couple of cold days and frosty nights, which have improved my state of mind considerably. After a few days of coolness, the sun has come out, but with much less vehemence than a few weeks ago. I'm thrilled!!! The only thing about cold days is that the flies are literally begging to come in the house. They are plastered on the outside screen doors and take advantage of every opportunity to get in. Happily, I am very adept with the flyswatter. Porter has become a great fly hunter, too, so between the two of us, I'm sure the flies have the impression that they have entered the House of Death. The breeze is blowing a bit now, and I'm watching a shower of yellow leaves fall to the grass. I love fall!

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Rani said...

It was snowing here today! Eh. Minnesota.