Oct 22, 2010

Week's end update

Back at work today for the start of a long week. It's Friday, and I work until next Friday. Luckily, I'll get the next weekend off.

So, I came back and the furnace was sending out cold air, and wouldn't you know, this is the first week we've had frost at night every night. My two guys will be grumpy and cold tomorrow. One of them gets to go home tomorrow for the whole weekend, so that's good. If it gets too cold, the other one will go spend the night in one of the other houses tomorrow. the maintenance man said he thought he could get it fixed tomorrow, so I have my fingers crossed for a warmer house sometime tomorrow afternoon. I had planned to take my two to the movies tomorrow afternoon, but since I went full time, I have the whole weekend as the "Staff on Duty", which means I have to take everyone - all 10 of the residents - wherever I go...so no movies this weekend, I guess. Maybe I can work in an afternoon matinee for my two sometime during the week. They want to see the movie about the owls - "The Guardians" or something like that.

My two days off were yesterday and today, and I worked on a sweater. I've got one going here at work and one going at home. Hopefully, I'll have two sweaters pretty soon. There is a little yarn shop going out of business in Cheyenne, called "Georgette's", and I bought a good amount of Lopi wool yarn to start in making my hats again. And, I want to make some felted mittens, too. Hopefully, I'll get motivated and photograph the couple of hats that I've already finished, and get them into my Etsy shop.

Here's the one you've seen before...I have a couple more that are languishing in the cabinet at home.

I've got one sock done for a friend's Christmas present, and I'm suffering from SSS...second sock syndrome. I love the first one, but have lost my go power for getting the second one done. And I've promised myself that I'll do a pair for my daughter - and a pair of mittens for her, too. Those sweaters might have to be put off for a couple of weeks while I catch up on my Christmas commitments.


Pondside said...

When do you sleep?!
I'll have to find your Etsy shop - I don't think I've ever seen it.
I hope the heat doesn't go off in the dead of winter!

Maggie's Farm said...

Hey, Kathleen, welcome back to the USA! It's great to hear from you! Sure you can have some soap. One Hunk for $15 with $5 shipping and if you buy two I will ship for free. Good luck with your new job. I hope O and Celeste get here soon!

JC said...

Porter looks very happy on the walk in the neighborhood! Im so happy that you two found each other. When will Celeste join you? soon I hope. I am adjusting to a house without Traz, not an easy thing to do, but I'm thankful to have Avery and Nixie to hug! I am still struggling with my right eye, I lost the sight in it in June, I had shingles in it, Ive had a retina surgery now, so have no vision, but hope to get some of it back in the months to come.
Im so happy to hear you made it here, I hope winter isnt to hard on you! Take care of you and yours. Jill

Kathleen said...

My etsy shop...heh, there's nothing in it...yet! Shortly, I hope, though.

knittingdragonflies said...

OO a long work week! Your going to need some knitting and/or spinning after that, and some good doggy kisses.
Love the hat!
I'm also suffering from SSS.
Take care