Jan 2, 2010

What were they thinking???

Every so often, I take a look at some of the links other people have on their blogs. Sometimes they give me pause, sometimes they make me gag, and sometimes they make me wonder just what on earth they were thinking. Here are a few:

People of Walmart
(this one made me go check my wardrobe and throw out those leopard print tights - so tacky! - that I wore with my pre-worn polkadot hotpants and plaid belly shirt.) Personally, I do shop at Walmart sometimes, but there's something about the place that encourages some to get creative with what they're wearing.

For Your Entertainment
(this one makes me grit my teeth)

Cake Wrecks (It takes a special talent to be a cake decorator, and some of us just don't have it.)


Margaret Cloud said...

Thanks for the link, I will read it as soon as I leave your post. You are right about cake decorating is a skill that I do not have. Have a nice week and give Celeste a hug from me. I was wondering how Kaiser is doing? I did receive an email from them.

knittingdragonflies said...

I secretly worry that I might see myself on the "people of walmart" one, it seems to get emailed to me on a regular basis.