Mar 31, 2009

Spinning again

Whew! I'm back from a long dry spell. I've been kind of depressed about how long it's taking me to get over the effects of this surgery thing. It's been a month and I still have days when there is a LOT of pain and inflammation. Days when I just can hardly stand to get up. I hate that.

But then I have good days, when I'm full of energy and creativity and get a lot of everything done. So I guess everything balances out in the end. I've been back to work, but with one less class than usual and only in the afternoons, which really has helped, especially on those bad days. I hope this month I'll have a full schedule again. I hope I can handle it.

But on the good days, I've been spinning a lot. I just finished 8 ounces of brown, and white pink, purple, corriedale/merino/sparkly stuff from Enchanted Knoll Farm. I spun it into worsted weight yarn, and ended up with about 400 yards of pretty yarn. Now I'm halfway through some white alpaca that has been carded with kid mohair locks and curls, and a lot of sparkle. It's very pretty so far, but I don't really care for the way the mohair has not been blended into the alpaca. It's more or less in lumps and clumps scattered through the batts. I had envisioned some lovely socks from this fiber, but I don't know if that will happen. There are so many ends sticking out of the yarn...not my idea of a good sturdy sock yarn. I haven't decided if I should ply it with itself or ply it with some white alpaca that I got from my sister, Wooly Works. I have one spindle loaded with about 1.5 ounces, so it might be time to spin up a little white alpaca and do some experimenting.

Believe it or not, my spinning stash is reducing somewhat! Spinning is great therapy for the blues, especially if you have fun colors and different fibers to play with.

A little time has passed since I started this post, and I've been spinning the white alpaca that I was talking about a little earlier. I forgot what a pleasure it is to spin!

Since this seems to be an ongoing post, I'll be back with pictures this afternoon.


Pondside said...

Well then, I'll come back later to look at the pictures.
I hope you'll continue to take it easy on yourself. Up here they ask you to take a full 6 weeks for any kind of surgery like the one that Celeste told us you'd had.

Karen B. said...

Best wishes on your continuing recovery, post the yarn pix soon!

knittingdragonflies said...

Glad you are feeling better, I agree, spinning is good, I find if I don't have energy (physical or mental) spinning is a good thing.

Maggie's Farm said...

Take your time and get well. Everything you need to do will be waiting for you when you are ready. Celeste needs her mommy happy and healthy again!

Margaret Cloud said...

Hope this finds you a little better from your surgery, I am glad you have your spinning to pass time. I hope Celeste is doing good, take care of yourself.