Dec 21, 2008

An Update

I'm still spinning the teal Romney laceweight. I'm halfway through the 14 little batts, and have over 400 yards of yarn! I had no idea I would get that much! I've spun around 3 1/4 ounces so far. If I can stay consistent, I should end up with just about 800 yards of the yarn. That's plenty for a scarf!
And, we're halfway through finals for this cycle. I've got two more classes worth of written exams to finish grading tonight, and tomorrow the students do their autonomous learning projects and then Tuesday we have oral evaluations. My work is mostly done, and now it's the students' turn to show off what they've learned.

Starting December 24th, I've got 12 whole days off! I plan to do a major amount of spinning and knitting during that time, and some spring cleaning around the apartment. Our Siberian blizzard has nearly come to a close and it's time to clear out the last of the fuzz from the corners and behind the fridge.

I've decided to join a spin-a-long for the winter solstice, which apparently, I think. I have picked out a nice set of batts to spin up while I'm off work and of course, I'll finish the teal romney. Then I'll drift back to the fiber that Maggie sent me and spin on that for a while, too. I have almost an entire drop spindle of DK singles spun and need another spindle-full to ply it with. And a lot more to spin on still! With that, I still plan to knit a stole, but I'm still taking my time looking for just the right pattern for this special yarn.

But uuuufff...while teaching this month, I got hit in the head with a cold bug, and I'm in the midst of a head cold and a headache. It's a little hard to get in the mood for Christmas right now. I'm having a bit of a time dealing with working in the inner city, too. It's a good thing I'll have time away from there starting next week. I did put my wreath on the door, but on the inside, because things have a habit of walking away around here. I don't want my wreath to sprout legs and run off.

It might seem like I'm a little bit down, but really, I ask you:
Who could be down with a face like this looking up at you?


Rani said...

I love that dog!

Happy holidays and a Happy New Year!

wildtomato said...

Celeste can be a huge goofball!

Happy holidays to you!

Margaret Cloud said...

Who could be down with Celeste round, do enjoy your time off. We are still under winter snow advisory, we have snow up to our keesters.

Iron Needles said...

Enjoy your time off, your time to spin, and your time with the puppy!

Maggie's Farm said...

That teal Romney is gorgeous. I think you should knit a sweater to match the scarf, you should have enough.