Dec 14, 2008

A snow fix in high summer

We have no snow here. It's summertime, and it seems so strange to have Christmas in 80 degree weather. So here's my little snow fix for December:

I found this on Youtube, and the title is "Bailey, The Unknown Reindeer." I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Whoever is Bailey's owner, I thank you for sharing your dog and your snow with us!


knitting dragonfly said...

Thanks, no snow here either. Yeah you guessed it! I have a sweet tooth.
Happy Holidays

PJS said...

Oh my goodness... that video is hilarous.... thanks for posting that. I can see how it would helo you get your snow fix!!!

Pondside said...

Too cute!! I hope that was enough of a snow fix for you! will do me just fine!
I read your previous post with the notes on your O's mother. What a shame she is cutting herself off from a potentially rewarding relationship. In the end, she's the big loser.

Margaret Cloud said...

Thanks for the show, it is like that here and still snowing. This is the cutest thing I have ever saw, he sure did enjoy the snow.