Oct 14, 2008

Work stuff and a Celeste pic

Every month for a year, new teachers at the ICPNA are taped while teaching a class. We can choose which session we want to be recorded teaching, but afterwards, we have to write a critique, in which we identify the strengths and weaknesses of our own teaching techniques. It is for our use only, so no one watches us during this time. At first, I thought I might want to post part of my recorded sessions here on the blog, but luckily I haven't figured out how to do so. I say "luckily" because every month I am increasingly more critical of myself. It's a very humbling thing to see myself in the midst of a session that doesn't go as expected.

Every month, we are also evaluated by some member of the staff, each month a different person, so we never know exactly what to expect. It's a little bit of a stressor for me until the evaluation is over. After the eval, we have a feed back session, which is good for me. Because I'm very critical of myself, I always think of something that I could have done better, and these feedbacks give me ideas about how. While I don't enjoy being evaluated every single month (personally, I think that monthly evaluations are overkill), they do have value.

And, because it's October and Halloween is approaching, Celeste has been wearing her devil dog look:


aighmeigh said...

Every time I see a pic of Celeste, I'm just stunned--she's such an amazingly gorgeous dog!! :)

JC said...

I have been thinking of you Kathleen and of celeste. I just havent had time to let you know it! All is well in our fur family, for a change everyone feels good! Im glad to see Celeste is looking like her usual pretty self, even with her spooky eyes, ha ha ha. Have a great week. Jill

Rani said...

Mwhooohaaa haaa haaaaa. That's what Celeste is saying ;-)

Margaret Cloud said...

Kathleen I love that dog.