Oct 7, 2008

The Painted Pig

A posting about books and libraries by Needles of Iron has me thinking about books...kid's books, but books all the same.

When I was a kid, I remember reading a beautiful book called "The Painted Pig". It was about a ceramic pig in Mexico that came to life one night. Along with the pig, I believe a painted rooster also came to life. A little girl owned both the pig and the rooster, I think. The story is about the hi jinx of this pair. Does anyone remember it? I've been thinking about this story for months...that one, and a wonderful children's story called "Pussy Willows". I think now "Pussy Willows" is available as one of those Little Golden Books, but ours was a giant picture book with those big kitty eyes and amazing pictures that capture a child's imagination and draw her right into the story. The picture below is not what was on the original story book, but it is painted in a similar style.

Here in Peru, the average person doesn't read much, usually for business or education, but rarely for pleasure. As I think about these children's stories, I feel so bad for those children whose parents don't read stories to them! I did find some wonderful Peruvian folktales for children in the Metro supermarket, however, so someone is reading them.


Iron Needles said...

Thank YOU for the shout out! I think my life would be much darker and my world much smaller without my reading for pleasure.

Margaret Cloud said...

Kathleen does the schools have extra reading programs for the kids, I mean can they come and read from the school library on Saturdays? Maybe this program could be started, I feel so sad when I know children are deprived of reading. The young kids get a much better start when reading young.