Jan 14, 2008

We got hair

Yes we do. Celeste has begun to blow her coat, and I exactly WHY they call it "blowing the coat". It's because the hair blows all over the house! We have Celeste hair on the floor, on the sofa (hey, wait a minute - she's not allowed on the sofa, so what the...?), on the bed (not allowed on the bed, either), in the cupboards, in the fridge (what the...?), on the dining room table, and in the bathroom.

I've been combing and combing. She hates me for it. The metal comb tickles, I think, because I don't apply pressure. The bristled brush is completely ineffective, except around her face and ears. I've been collecting the hair and saving it for making a fleece dog. It's not long enough to spin, only about 1/2 inch long, but I think it could be needle felted into a nice tiny, flexible toy dog.

The rest of the hair, goes into the vacuum cleaner or the dust pan. Big fluffy wads of dirt and hair fill my trash can. When the recyclers (trash pickers) come to sift through the trash bags at night, they'll probably walk away with moustaches of Celeste hair.


wildtomato said...

I completely and wholeheartedly sympathize. As soon as Mingus walks into a room, he negates any vacuuming that might have been done. We're up to vacuuming once a day now, and it still looks like a fluff factory around here!

Wooly Works said...

Well, we knew if would happen sooner or later. Can't wait to see the little dogs you can make from the soft stuff.