Jan 3, 2008

Dog About Town

This was one of the cutest mysteries I've read in a long time. Randolph, Labrador Retriever and detective extraordinaire, is quite the gentleman in black with a nose for sniffing out crime and "sidewalk patè".


Wooly Works said...

Bethy and I both read it and it's fun. I started the first Mrs. Pollifax today. She reminds me of the old ladies I draw blood with at the health fairs.

Kathleen said...

Mrs. Pollifax is a hoot, isn't she! Has she gone to Mexico yet?

JC said...

Happy new year Kathleen and Celeste! I often peek at your blog, but hadnt had time to even say Hi. Celeste looks so, so pretty, what a treasure she grew up to be. I took Nixie to the eye doc today, she said whats on her eyes are mineral deposits, blood work will say what from, but she gave me hope that her eye sight wont fail, so I am thankful. Avery is finally growing up, like your Celeste, he is leaving behind his puppy ways and turning into a real man dog, ha ha ha. Traz is doing great, seems to just be aging gracefully now, which is all I can hope for. I hope this finds you well and I will hope to check in again soon. Jill

Wooly Works said...

I love this book! If you're a dog person and a mystery person and a comedy person you'll love this book!!! Woohoo!!!
Hey! Mama started Mrs. Pollifax today and she says she thinks she's the cutest thing ever!!! I need to read those right after I finish reading these other books I'm reading!! Oh no! to many books! Brain going on emergency shut down!! Danger danger!

- Bethy

PS I guess I shouldn't freak out. I just got them like 3 days ago!

Wooly Works said...

Yes, she just got drugged by the bad guy at the bookstore, so I'm not very far into it yet.