Nov 1, 2007

circles and beads

This year seems to have been all about playing with circles. I've been fascinated with the circular vests and have a round gray shawl in the works right now. I'm not sure why I'm so interested in circles, but hmmm...there it is. The shawl looks like a table cloth, so maybe it will be one of those garments with more than one use - when it's not being worn, it can just be thrown over a round table for afternoon tea! I hope to have all my current projects finished by Sunday.

I've also gotten into beading more this year than ever before. I understand the technique of beading crocheted pieces better and things don't look so clumsy now.

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Wooly Works said...

The circle is nature's most perfect shape. No wonder you like them. Remember the red circle shawl from last year? The lady took it home because she could either wear it or put it on her table. I felt a little dumb at the time, but I got over it about $75 later.