Nov 29, 2007

catching up

We're back home again, and the apartment had a little of that "nobody's home" smell to it. A little bit stale, windows shut for an extended period of time, and a little bit lonely smell. But now, we're home again and with a bit of sweeping and mopping, the lonely odor has flown out the window. I'm glad to be back home - it was great spending time with my family and friends, but it was definitely time to get back to my own life.

While I was there, I swooped into Walmart and found some great new books to read. I love a good mystery or suspense novel and I happened upon some really great ones! Yeay! All my favorite authors had books out: Robert Ludlum, Dan Brown, John Le Carrè - I'll be engrossed in books for some time to come...I even found one of my all time favorite stories, "The Mistress of Spices". From the Wooly Works, my sister lent me some great material for my English classes, too. I even brought a puppet to help me in my classes - O almost split a gut when the little guy smoothed his hair back and then sneezed it back into his face...Bethy knows what I'm talking about. I can't wait to introduce him to my students! I already have two classroom characters who help me with grammar, Lulu and Eggworthy. I haven't got a name for this little fellow...Bethy! What's his name?

So! It's good to be back and I'll post some photos as soon as I get time. I have a lot of catching up to do around here!


wildtomato said...

Welcome back! I know what you mean about the "no one's home" odor. Thankfully, my friend lived at our house while we were away, so were able to avoid being hit with it this time around. I'll be eagerly awaiting your pictures.

Wooly Works said...

Sooooo...what did you spring on your students so far? Did you blow them away and how did they respond? You should take some pictures of your students and post them as well.

Bethy is working hard on her Spanish lessons. The Rosetta Stone program works well, but having it on a CD with actual conversational phrases is a great supplement.