Jan 25, 2007

Goat Song

I just finished "Goat Song", by Susan Basquin. She lived alone on a farm on an island in Michigan...alone with 100 Angora goats, 2 dogs, and a couple of cats. She went from being an editor in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to being a goatherd in Michigan all in one fell swoop. I know it would be difficult, but it's something I'd go for if I could find someone who would put up the money for the farm and the goats. I'd prefer a smaller number of goats, but I know the goats were supposed to contribute to the income of the farm, so I imagine that 100 goats would only begin to create an income to support themselves. Still...

I'd like the chance to work with the mohair. Dying, spinning, creating from it would be fabulous, although I know from experience that mohair is too itchy to use without a blend. But yeah! I'd go for something like that.

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