Sep 27, 2012

Catching Up a Bit.

In August, O and I went to Iquitos - yes, back to Peru - and played on the Amazon. I do have pictures of some of that on my camera, but the best pictures are on my USB, which a friend borrowed and hasn't returned yet. We ate at a restaurant that is out in the middle of the Amazon River. That river is HUGE. It's like being on the ocean. The branch of the river that Iquitos is located on is called Momon, with the emphasis on the second syllable (mo-MON). I have a few more pictures, and will post them as I get them downloaded, hopefully.

So, in order of appearance, is what's happening in the pictures below:

First off, here are O and I at a touristy restaurant called "The Yellow Rose of Texas."  It's owned by an American who came to Iquitos and couldn't leave.  The atmosphere and service are great, but the food is just eh, so-so.
And now, here we are in the restaurant out in the middle of the Amazon at night. It was very dramatic, romantic, quiet, and the food was very good. It was expensive by Peruvian standards, and it had a clean swimming pool on the lower deck. We had to take a bonca boat out there.
Here I am in the little bonca boat that took us to the restaurant. Remember "The African Queen" movie? This was just one step above the boat used in the movie. Nothing fancy, but it held about 10 people.
This last photo is of us on our way to eat lunch. Everyone travels about town on motorcycles, but lacking our own bike, we took a "mototaxi," or a motorcycle with a rear car on it. This was "Club Rojo."
I'm also getting ready for the yearly craft show that we go to in November. Have about 7 felted hats, a few crocheted vests, and my first knitted lace scarf. Well, it has lace on the edge. To tell the truth, I'm intimidated by knitting lace.


Rani said...

Seriously? Lace puts you off? Have you ever tried it? Woman, you've traveled the world - you can handle lace. And the best part is that it looks like a big horrible mess until you block it and magic happens.

I LOVE all the photos. Welcome back to blogland. Your trip looked fantastico. (I'm working on my spanish . . . not so great yet). I can describe one picture as La mujer y el hombre bebos (bebe?) cervesas. Is that almost correct? HA!

Pondside said...

I missed you and wondered what you were up to! Now I know - knitting and traveling.....great to see you.

Kathleen said...

Jejeje...Rani, el viaje fue fantastico, y la ujer y el hombre beben cervezas.

I'm still working at the ranch, but I guess I have either adjusted or become apathetic. Two years is just about right. Usually at the 2 year mark, I finally get the hang of a job and know what I'm doing. Been like that all my life. Sheeesh.