Jan 5, 2011

A little Christmas cheer...better late than never

Porter and I worked this Christmas, so we went to the boss's house for Christmas dinner.
Lucky for me, the boss is my sister, Woolyworks, so all the neices and nephews were there, too. (She's still a bit wooly.)

Porter had a great time and a bride to be got a wedding shawl, knitted by none other than the mother-in-law, Woolyworks.
After dinner, I retired across the yard to my dad's house, and enjoyed this:
A very nice, quiet ending to a fun evening.


Rani said...

Sounds like a nice little ol' Christmas you had there. Look at the cute mug on that dog. And that wedding shawl???? OMG! It's huge and gorgeous.

Merry Christmas (belated) and thanks for your kind words regarding Leo. Still hurts but getting better.

Pondside said...

I'm glad to read that it wasn't all work, and there was a stocking to be filled for your first Christmas back home.

knittingdragonflies said...

Sounds wonderful! Love the photos! And the shawl. OOOOOOO very pretty!Porter looks like he had fun also!