Dec 9, 2010

Adult conversation, please...

Me: Okay! Everyone, let's go get groceries. Hop into the white van!

Them: The white van? This one is a little dark, but maybe it's white under the brown paint.

Me: The white van, everyone! Follow me to the WHITE VAN.

Them: Follow you? I thought you said to go to the white van.

Me: Yes, follow me. I'm going to the white van.

Them: I thought WE were supposed to go to the white van.

Me: Yes! Go to the white van.

Them: Then what?

Me: Then we're going to get groceries.

Them: Groceries?! Hey I want to get groceries, too! Can I go?

Me: Yes you can.

Them: Are the groceries in the white van? Where are we going? Are you going with us?

Me: See the white van? Go get in there.

Them: Are we going somewhere?

Me: Yes, we're going to get groceries.

Them: Which van should we get in?

Me: Get in the white van.

Them: The white van is a Ford. The brown van is a Chevy.

Me: You're right.

Them: Soooo, what are we doing today? Do you think that brown van is a Chevy?

Me: Yes, the brown van is a Chevy, but go get in the white van.

Them: Don't you like Chevy vans?


wildtomato said...

I just read a bio from a man who suffered a brain injury, and his wife recalls conversations like this that become an endless loop. You have the patience of a saint!

Rani said...

Oh Kathleen. This is a glimpse of your tiny corner of insanity. I was laughing so hard because it reminded me of my cousin who calls to see what the weather is like at our house(he lives just miles away , God bless him).

I teach preschool, so there is a similarity in our jobs - you have to remain calm and pleasant and try our very hardest to see the humor in what goes on around us.

Such a funny post.

knittingdragonflies said...

OMGosh, this made me laugh, but I'm sure it didn't make you laugh when you were having the conversation. Wow! You must have A LOT of patience!
Take care

Wooly Works said...

I know exactly who this is. If she wasn't mostly charming and likable, you'd probably want to just walk away and go do something productive--like beat your head against a wall.

You DO have the patience of a saint. I'm glad you're able to find something good to celebrate in every person, regardless of their situation.