Sep 25, 2010

Well yes, I have been overcome by my life recently. Could you tell?

This job I have as a relief Life Coach for cognitively challenged adults is a challenge for me. I look at it as a ministry. I have to. The pay is small, the hours long, and the residents are a total challenge every day. They can be charms individually, but collectively they are sometimes a nightmare for me. Each has his or her strengths, weaknesses, and totally "out there" moments...and sometimes hours. Still, I am learning skills that will benefit me in the future. Aside from being a Qualified Medicine Administration Person (QMAP), I am being re-certified in CPR. My pay will increase when all my training is done, which is a plus, but so will my hours, which is not such a plus in my estimation. Five 24-hour shifts pulled consecutively is a LOT. I'm completely wiped out when I get home.

The greatest benefit I have is that I can take Porter to work with me. He is sometimes the single sane mind that I can turn to when things get to be too much for me. But even he gets to the point when he's had enough. Last week, Porter went to the car 3 times before Friday, and our shift work didn't end until Sunday afternoon. He was ready to go home. This week is better. Things are on a more even keel, but next week I look for some insanity on a larger scale. Some of the residents will be moving and I will be taking over a house and going full time. GAH. I'm so not sure I can or want to handle that.

I have applied for a job with the sheriff's department in Cheyenne. Emergency communications dispatcher is the position. I so want it. It has regular hours, competetive pay, and vacation time. I so need this job.

Pray for me.

On a happier note, I love being back in my house. The one thing that would make it perfect would be for O and Celeste to be here. He says he'll be here (legally, yes, legally) in May. Then we have to work on getting his green card. And I have a sock done!


Pondside said...

Just today, again, I was wondering what was going on in your life - it's SO good to know that you are alright, albeit, exhausted. I have my fingers crossed, and yes, I'll pray, that you get the job in the sheriff's office so that your life can have a semblance of normalcy. Good news about O and Celeste.

knittingdragonflies said...

I have been thinking of you! Wow, that is a lot of work! I pray you get the dispatcher job. I have a girlfriend that does that and loves it.
So glad that your family will be complete soon. May is not very far off!
And a sock done too! In the middle of all of that!

Rani said...

I just left a comment on your newest post, then read this one. Glad to hear that pup is there for you. AND that you're somehow managing to knit. I will say a prayer for you. And I hope you get that new job.